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моя семья сочинение на английском

I have a big family. We live altogether in the one house. In our house live I, my mother and father, my eldest brother, my little sister, grandmother and grandfather. Our house is very big. It is a building with two floors. We have a large territory around the house.

My parents.

My father is a doctor. He works in city and helps many people. Father has a car and I like when he teaches me to drive.  Father is a strong and heavy man. He can do anything.

My mother is a teacher. She works in my school. She is very tall and beautiful women. She likes children and children like her. My mother loves flowers. Father presents flowers for mother every week.

My parents love one another very much.

My relatives. 

My eldest brother studies in the National Aviation University. He will be a pilot. He passed exams in school good and now he studies on the budget.

I proud of my brother.

My little sister stays at home with granny, because she is three years old. She is funny child. Every day she does something interesting. Yesterday she dressed mother’s shoes and she was going around the house.

I love my family.  I hope, they love me too.

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